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Graphic Design

The intricacies of graphic design. Graphic design is something most people take for granted. Do you notice the design when you're browsing a site, walking down the grocery isle, shopping, looking at products or packaging, or checking out your favorite bands new cd?

The answer for myself is: almost always. I imagine most everybody does.

However, what the average person might see is, labels, directions, categories, individuality, recognized signs, and pictures.

But what I see, and what you see, could be entirely different. I see thought, creativity, identity, appropriate visual representation, color usage, alignment, grids, type, problems, solutions, implementation, ideas, complexity, time of production, simple ness, or lack there of. Now I could be wrong but I don't imagine everybody sees all that, or pays attention to it at least.

It's so second nature now, that I catch myself saying Wow, now that's designed well, or Just look at the __________ and how it doesn't work.

With that, I leave you with the graphic design section.