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It's been some time, but check out the new content on the site!

Welcome to taesali.com! Let me get right into explaining what the purpose of this site is. This site is an online portfolio/journal for me, Chris Taesali. A place to display work that I have done, or art that I have created. So please, take a few minutes and experience the artistic and creative side of Chris Taesali.

The different types of design/creativity are flash, web design, graphic design, computer art, art, or photography, which as you may notice are the main navigation buttons.

If you are looking for the flash site, it has been renamed and relocated under "Interactive Site Viewer". It is up and running, no worries.

Now that we got all that out of the way, hopefully you can sit back relax, and enjoy the ideas, creativity, and experience.

ciao, and don't forget to laugh!